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Our 5-year-old neighbor Ruth learned to ride her bike at The Woodlands this summer. She started in June, training wheels helping to keep her upright, streamers flapping behind her, and her older sisters lapping her. Ruth’s mom knew it would be a safe place for Ruth’s first bike ride. In fact, lots of neighborhood families know this – and they’ve taught their children to ride bikes at The Woodlands for nearly a century.

By the end of the summer, Ruth was zipping around. The streamers still flapped behind her, but the training wheels were gone and she was keeping up with her big sisters. 

I’ve thought about Ruth a lot this fall because her experience is a good metaphor for the last few years at The Woodlands. We officially took off our training wheels this year.  The numbers speak for themselves: 

• 7,927 attendees at our public events
• 40,000 passive visitors walking through our gates
• 150 Grave Gardeners making our site more beautiful
• 426 Volunteer Hours
• 350 (and growing) active members

The Woodlands is moving full speed ahead into 2018, showing the city, region, and even the nation how a historic site and its community can be true partners in creating the great places every neighborhood deserves, but too few enjoy. 

You help make The Woodlands so special – I hope you’ll consider a gift to make 2018 even better. The year-end fundraising goal is $35,000, which will help maintain the grounds so they’re safe, beautiful, and open 365 days a year, giving children like Ruth a safe, beautiful place to learn to ride a bike.

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                Jessica Baumert                                                     Jessica H. Senker
                Executive Director                                                  Board President

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