A century ago loving family members placed a memorial headstone on my gravesite. Though it was made of seemingly impermeable granite, many years of heat, rain, and ice have cracked the foundation, and the rain-softened earth sinks beneath the stone.

I now face a precarious situation. At this moment, the heavy headstone which bears my name leans towards the ground. Several neighboring headstones share a similar decline.

The beautiful pastoral grounds of The Woodlands is the resting place of many prominent individuals who shaped Philadelphia’s cultural landscape during the 1800s. The Drexels - titans of international finance and founders of Drexel University - are buried at the cemetery, along with painter Thomas Eakins and Ann Bartram Carr, one of the earliest women to run a gardening business in our nation. Over 30,000 of us rest among more than 700 trees.  

For many buried at The Woodlands, generations of time have separated us from our families. Most of our ancestors no longer visit and care for our gravestones. That’s why we need your help.

Your gift today will help raise $5,000 to repair headstones in Section I of the grounds — adjacent to the open space just inside the gates.  

Your support will do the following:

  • Install level foundations

  • Make headstone repairs

  • Upright and secure headstones

Last year, nearly 40,000 people entered the gates of these historic grounds. By ensuring the preservation of our memorials, your gift will have an impact on all our guests, as well as those of us here permanently.  Thank you for your generous support. Please make your donation right now by clicking The Make a Donation button below.


- A. Departed.

PS. Your donation will ensure the integrity of our headstones, preserve our memory and keep the grounds safe for all visitors. Thank you for all you do for The Woodlands.

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